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Clementine size between 50 grams and approximately 120 grams.
Clementines arise from the spherical shape flattened at the poles, from orange peel contrast heavily with the cloves, with orange pulp from weaving soda. Seedless and easy to peel the cloves crispy and juicy are separated between them with ease … It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, vitamin C, mineral salts and sugar and have a very low degree of acidity, therefore have properties influenza , detoxifying and diuretic.
Clementines are a hybrid of bitter orange and mandarin, it was imported to Italy from Algeria thanks to a Friar named Clement Rodier who lived them in an orphanage and allowed it imports mainly in Sicily …
Indicated for use directly on the table, for smoothies, centrifuged, digestive, jams.

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