Extra virgin olive oil


The extra virgin olive oil of our company comes from green / yellow / gold color, the nose is fruity on the average intensity in the mouth has a balanced taste, is not filtered but rather decanted naturally inside of the stainless steel silos preserve its organoleptic properties. The olive pressing process is carried out exclusively with cold mechanical processes, from olives mainly Biancolilla race, Nocellara, Cerasuolo and Leccino exclusively hand picked and pressed within 12 hours of collection, this allows us together with the right degree of maturation of the olives do not ferment inside the caissons then the product is with a gradation of very low acidity that never exceeds 0.4%. The extra virgin olive oil and unique and valuable to our health rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants such as phenols and tocopherols much to benefit the cardiovascular system, the bones, the digestive system, nervous system, skin and fights cholesterol. The olive tree’s origins are as yet unknown, it is said to date back to the prehistoric period, and that it appeared first in Greece where it was grown for the first time. With the colonization of southern Italy in Greek ‘VIII century A.C. it arrived in southern Italy then called Magna Grecia where they began the cultivation up to the present day.
For the direct use in raw table for seasoning meat, fish, salads, to merge with lemon to make dressing, in the kitchen to fry for oleare plates etc …

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