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Oranges Vanilla size “Small”


Oranges Vanilla size “Small” (from 100 grams to about 190 grams each).

The orange comes from the spherical form, from the peel of orange-blond color, with pulp orange-blond color from weaving soda. Easy to peel the cloves crunchy and juicy (around 44%) are separated between them with ease … It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, vitamin C, minerals and very few sugars despite being very sweet, and has a very low degree of acidity around 0.06% -0.15%; It is particularly suitable for people with diabetes, gastric disorders, liver and bowel.
The orange vanilla belongs to the group of blondes not umbilical, was imported to Italy from India and China.
Suitable for the use of juices, smoothies, centrifuged, digestive, jams.

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