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Washington Navel oranges size “Small”


Washington Navel oranges size “Small” (from 100 grams to about 290 grams each).
The orange comes from the spherical shape, orange peel, with blonde color pulp from weaving soda. Seedless and easy to peel the cloves crunchy and juicy (around 40%) are separated between them with ease … It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, vitamin C, minerals and sugars then owned influenza, detoxifying and diuretic .
It is called this because the first studies and the first implants were made in the city of Washington before being imported to Sicily where he began farming in the world with unique results, navel because it presents the external side opposite the stem is very similar to a bulging belly button navel fact translated means navel and inside always in the lower part of the small features in segments called twins.
Suitable for the use of juices, smoothies, centrifuged, digestive, jams.

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